Mama vs. Boss Lady

I’m a ‘Mama Boss’ at present trying to lead a team of big ladies and gents by day, and nurture a 1 year old little lady by night.

Since returning to work 6 months ago I’ve learnt being a Mama and being a boss are in many ways pretty much the same thing, or at least I’ve found myself adopting the same approach, tactics and strategies both in the office and at home.

The key difference for me though is choice.. I choose to be a boss, rise at 5.30am, put on my heels and make the 1 hour commute (drop off journey of hell) every day whereas I don’t chose each morning to be a Mama.

Yes at a friends wedding after 5 years of marriage, blissful responsibility free matrimony and a few too many wines my husband and I made the choice we wanted to be parents, but no, being a Mum becomes a fundamental part of your makeup – for me this was the moment I lay snuggled up with my little lady off my face on gas & air in pure ‘new Mum I just gave birth to this amazing creature bliss’.

I plan to share the similarities in my future ramblings but I am also starting my blogging journey at a point whereby I am contemplating making a very important Mama vs. Boss Lady choice… do I walk away from being a conventional boss, 50 hour weeks, a team I’ve nurtured and rebuilt several times over in the last 6 years and instead focus on being a Mama and exploring other ways of fulfilling my workaholic, need to lead (takeover at every given opportunity) and controlling tendencies?

I’m a firm believer we all have choices and only you can make a choice to change and shape your future so lets see what the future holds….


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