Preparation & Perspiration

To start at the beginning.. for me preparation is key; as a boss being prepared means managing your time; blocking out your diary, allowing longer than you think you’ll need for appointments, keeping a to do list but also being prepared for anything to happen.

I believe to be a good boss you have to think at least 2-steps ahead, be able to spot potential issues and particularly when it comes to people; reading the signs and knowing your team allows you to not only predict what they may be thinking or be about to do, but equally have a backup plan ready.

Being a Mama for me is no different, being prepared is laying out tomorrow’s clothes, packing lunches the night before and always having a spare everything on hand at any given time (spare change of clothes for every outing, spare dummy in your pocket, spare packet of baby wipes stashed in the glove box, spare snack in case of bribery requirement/meltdown).

Again thinking ahead with a little lady comes down to what can possibly cause danger and/or breakage, and if we leave the house now will she fall asleep in the car, had a long enough nap by the time we arrive at said destination and therefore be in a happy and cooperative mood?  In order to get into the car am I going to need a blanket, dummy, coat removal negotiation, random toy but more likely non-toy as means of distraction in order to avoid a ‘planking situation’?

In the office and at home we Mama Boss Ladies must always be devising and assembling.

So once we’ve got ourselves organised, for me next comes the perspiration (hard work); if by the end of the week you’ve sweated your way through nursery drop off’s, rolled your sleeves up and got stuck in with the detail and problem solved your way out of the office come Friday, you’ve probably done a good Mama Boss Lady job and are set for a weekend of further perspiration and other fluids of the little lady kind; on a good day maybe porridge on your sleeve on a not so good day maybe puke down your back.

All clear positive signs of your hard work after all both as a Mama and a Boss I believe you really do get out what you put in.

All this said, I recently read an article that compared ‘a workaholic’ and ‘a high performer’ the key difference being a high performer realises you don’t have to be ‘over prepared’ or ‘over perspiring’ 100% of the time to be effective.  This is certainly an interesting theory and one that definitely hit home to me; whilst I stand by ‘preparation and perspiration’ one thing that being a Mama specifically has taught me is that sometimes you do have to just ‘let it go’. Sometimes you will forget the clean bedding on Monday’s nursery run and pray you have a spare blanket stashed in the backseat of the car, and some days you may need to rely on the worlds greatest babysitter aka Peppa Pig so that you have 20 minutes of non-perspiring parenting sat on your backside cruising Instagram, and actually thats ok.

It’s all about balance only you can know your limits when it comes to being organised and putting in the work, still working on figuring out my own balance at the moment…

Last nights ‘preparation’…

T-shirt – TU Sainsburys

Skirt – Name It.

Shoes – The Little White Company

Tights – My K By Myleem Klass (Mothercare)

Rucksack – Tiba & Marl


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