Sometimes we all just need a cuddle..

I’m a strong believer people are the key to any good team and that the people you work with is for many, the number one reason why they stay in a job. I know this first hand having made life-long friends in previous jobs such as MyLittleBakery and even now as Boss Lady I’m asked all the time when doing interviews what do I like most about my job, and my response is always the people in my team, 90% of whom I picked and many of whom have grown into ladies and gents before my eyes.

Of course recruiting the right people from the offset is crucial but once you have those people on board nurturing them is the only way for them become loyal, hard-working and effectively family. I have read many books on management and leadership but as with being a Mama sometimes the simple thing are the most effective and in my book cuddles are key.

When I refer to cuddles I’m not suggesting for a second any public display of attention in the office is appropriate, because frankly I find the idea of even a ‘hug’ in the workplace a little bit uncomfortable, but simply making people feel a little bit special.  Telling them when they have done a good job, telling them you recognise what they have achieved and even just saying thank you.  There is much to be said of big bonuses, a hefty pay rise and free private healthcare but for the right people, the people you actually want in your family a cuddle should be, and often is enough.

Now when it comes to Mama time the best piece of advice I had in the early days of parenting was that you can never give a child too much love, and I believe you can never have too many cuddles.  Some of my fondest memories of maternity leave were afternoons snuggled on the sofa with a snoozing very mini lady watching day-time telly and internet shopping.  After all I am under no illusion that my little lady will reach a point whereby cuddles with her Mama are absolutely no longer cool, so I plan on making the most of it while it lasts.

But beyond cuddles of the warm and cosy bear kind I also think being a Mama is making you little ones feel special, teaching them to feel valued and never letting them doubt for a second how much they are loved, and because frankly my little lady may be the Boss Lady of the future and its never too soon to learn lessons in leadership.

I’ve been contemplating this a lot recently and had a breakthrough moment when I realised I am a good Boss Lady, I do share out the cuddles with my team, but what I’ve failed to realise is that as a Boss Lady myself no-one is going to be dishing out the thank you’s in my direction, thats up to me.  So in the words of some other life-long work girl friends I’ve ‘pulled up my big girl pants’ and told my boss I too am a valued family member and this Mama needs some balance in her life. I’ve finally been bold and brave and asked the question can life as part-time Mama Boss be a reality?


‘I am a great mother’ – Yes Mum Cards because being told you are a great Mama is one of the best compliments…

‘Never Underestimate the power of a girl gang’ – Mere Soeur because us Mama Boss Ladies need to give one another cuddles every now and again..

‘Managing Teams for Dummies’ – note: weirdly doesn’t reference cuddles?

Fifi Lapin – this fashion bunny gets lots of cuddles in our house..







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