Pick your battles…

So when I’m not dishing out cuddles I may be found putting people on the ‘naughty step’ and trying to get them to understand where and why they have gone wrong.

I do however believe you can only have so many people on the naughty step at any one time and firmly believe in the theory ‘you have to pick your battles’.  Within any sizeable team you will have a portion of individuals underperforming or frankly people being a pain in the ‘bottom’.  However as a Boss Lady you have a duty to deliver and a job to do, so sometimes bums on seats are better than empty seats, and ‘telling everyone off’ can have a spiral affect, so I’ve always found it best to focus on your worst offenders and ‘work your way round’.

The same comes to parenting in my house…. I have always said I don’t want to be one of those Mamas who you hear in supermarkets screeching no, don’t do this or that on repeat. Trust me I have high aspirations for my little lady and of course hope she will remain an angel at all times, but honestly sometimes I just let her get on with it. It is a fact little ladies mimic you and I do not want to be over encouraging the ‘no’s’.

If I picked everyone up every time I spotted them cruising Facebook on their phone or making a borderline inappropriate comment across the office frankly I’d get nothing done, so sometimes turning a blind eye is necessity. I would hope in the same way my team know once they have pushed things too far, I hope my little lady too will learn to understand boundaries having learnt along the way a few lessons for herself, and no doubt gained a few bumps and bruises to prove it.

This last week has presented another battle where sickness has hit my little lady hard, and therefore the battle between Mama and Boss lady reached fever pitch quite literally.  I’ve been forced to pick my own battle and grapple with the guilt of taking time off work vs. being at home with my little lady.  The reality is for any Mama your little lady comes first, you will do anything for them, wish it could be you and when picking your battle playing nurse Mama wins every-time.

It may be instinctively the only choice, but in many ways it doesn’t make it any easier, and comes with it that calling in sick awkwardness,  feeling you’re just not doing a good enough job, relying on other people to pick up your slack and this has been a huge motivation in my wanting to go part-time.  Feeling like you’re doing everything 50% is a frustration I personally cannot continue to battle with.

Making the part-time dream become a reality may not be an easy battle and one that is getting so much press at the moment, but I’ve picked my battle and I intend to win my own fight for flexibility and ‘work that works’ one way or another.


When you’re poorly and dragged to the doctors sitting on the floor with a magna doodle thingy is allowed, and hunting for a flapjack in the nappy bag is also ok if it means you eat something…


Rucksack / super-nappy bag (the 2nd and by far best one I have owned to date) Tiba & Marl


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