Make it happen…

A week or so ago I was given some invaluable advice and a strong reminder by a colleague when discussing the non-movement on my part-time dream; ‘get back in the driving seat, write it down and make it happen’. Sometimes even us Boss Ladies need telling it straight and reminding of how we got here in the first place.

Making it happen is how I would define my role as Mama and Boss Lady, and in part the key to success in both.

I work in a results driven environment where often you have to get your sleeves rolled up and muck in, in order to hit the numbers; leading by example, steering your team and being the one who doesn’t give up.  I have always said I wouldn’t ask anybody to do anything I wasn’t prepared to do myself, and I think this is a pretty good mantra to manage by. If you aren’t present in the moment and focused on the end goal how can you expect anybody else around you to be?

As for Mama life I witness fellow Mama’s and good friends every day making it happen; in spite of what challenges are thrown at them from poonamis (serious outfit changing required nappies) to seriously life changing situations.  Mama’s do what it takes to protect their little ladies and gents, get back up when they are knocked down, brush off snot stains and make it happen because they created little lives and have to continue nurturing and loving them no matter what, and because in my opinion these Mama’s are pretty darn amazing.

All this making it happen though is no easy task and takes a huge amount of energy both in the office and the play room, so taking time out I believe is so important for all Mama’s (and Dada’s too).  Most people like to go to the gym, meet friends for a drink or have a long hot soak in the bath, Dada Boss Dude (aka the husband) jokes I like to rearrange furniture.  It’s technically not a joke because it’s true rearranging furniture is definitely my thing and after a long few weeks of making it happen I decided to take an impromptu afternoon off not only to have a break of my own, but make some things happen that are near on impossible with a little lady in tow… I went to Ikea and yes rearranged some furniture.  However old habits die hard and when faced with the inevitable challenge of getting an armchair, rug, orchid and 5ft giraffe (another story) into the car I was most definitely making it happen.  As any good Mama Boss Lady in my situation I was not deterred by the sniggers and raised eyebrows of my fellow shoppers, sometimes you just have to do what it takes and remove things from their packaging in order to squeeze them in your car.  If you want something enough you can, and will make it happen.

Finally..I wrote it down, detailed why I thought flexible and part-time working would be a good move for my company, came up with three proposals, was clear on what I needed in order for this to work for me too, and booked a meeting..


Strandmon Armchair (Yellow and fabulous)

Lappljung Rug (Seen it on Instagram a million times can’t believe it’s Ikea)

Shhh.. Little Ladies Christmas Pressie – Giant Giraffe (Sophie has nothing on this one)




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