Team work is the dream work…

In Sometimes we all just need a cuddle.. I shared my views on the power of people and the value they add to teams, but beyond recruiting and nurturing the right people I also believe you need the right mix to make a team.

I firmly believe the world and the office would be a very dull and ineffective place if we were all the same and this is why you need a strong mix of personalities and abilities.  Sadly none of us are perfect so you need to find a way of selecting a bunch of ladies and gents who compliment one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and once you reach that point find a way of bringing all those differences together to maintain ‘team work is the dream work’.

Good teams, girl gangs, squads and ‘families’ come in many shapes and sizes but ultimately everyone needs to know their role and exactly what part they play, and everyone needs to be heading for the same goal or have a genuine shared interest.

For me being a Mama Boss has been about developing relationships with my team getting to know each of their own unique talents, as well as being a role model, being clear about what the team goal is and showing my own commitment to achieving it.

Away from the office the best relationship advice I’ve ever had was from my Dad on my wedding day; he wrote me a note saying ‘marrying your best friend will be the best decision you ever made’ and 7 years in I’m pretty sure he was right.  I’m generally not one for the ‘lovey dovey’ stuff but consider myself incredibly lucky to have my best friend/husband/baby daddy aka Dada Boss Dude on my team, and from day one of being a parent he has firmly been in the ‘Dad’s don’t babysit, it’s called parenting’ camp which for me has meant a huge support through sleepless nights, teething, and frankly all the rubbish (as well as amazing) stuff that has come with our growing little lady.

From those early days at home I clearly remember going through those early ‘first’s’ together; first trip out in the buggy, first time assembling said buggy, first trip to the shops, first bath and first time cutting the little lady’s nails and consequently having an actual meltdown when we managed to make her bleed in the process!  It’s not always been plain sailing, its takes a lot of patience and compromise but team work has been key and we’ve manage to develop our own roles; Dada Boss Dude good for tickles and Saturday morning chaos (‘playing’), Mama Boss Lady good for cuddles on poorly days and dressing (picking out cute outfits).

Our little lady and the future of our family will always be our shared interest, and in the words of Dada Boss Dude ‘talk to me’ has prompted those moments whereby we’ve been the strongest team we can be.

On the subject of communication; this last week I’ve shared some big news with my ‘office team’.. it’s finally, sort of official.. its been agreed from the New Year I will be working 3-days a week, my role and how this will work out is still to be finalised (don’t ask), but I was as open and honest as I could be.  Even as a Mama Boss standing in front of your team you are still a person with a life outside the office and emotions, I didn’t quite shed a tear but I hope they understood my motivations and trust that no matter how often I’m in the office I still intend to play my part.

Now it’s all becoming a reality I’m slightly apprehensive as to how going part-time is going to affect the roles we have defined at home, and am very aware this balance we have achieved up to this point is going to be re-addressed.  It may sound crazy but I’m used to weekends when 2 pairs of hands is genuinely invaluable, so going it alone and keeping our little lady entertained several days a week is a rather nerve wracking prospect. I am armed with a National Trust membership though and have been downloading Paw Patrol all in preparation, so fingers crossed we can become our own little girl gang and team work will continue to be the dream work..



The Building Blocks of Team Work and lots of tower building fun…


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