Let loose and then relax…

So this festive season I have done something unheard of for me I’ve actually taken annual leave for the entire period, ok so the nursery is closed between Christmas and New Year which made using up the time off kind of essential, but this year I’ve truly wanted and needed the time out.

But before that glorious ‘last day at work’ there was just some time for ‘letting loose’ and having some fun at the annual Christmas party.  Now as all Mama’s appreciate opportunities to go ‘out out’ are rare and seriously special occasions so with this being my first Christmas party in three years I intended to go and have a good time.

Of course these things never run smoothly; before even leaving the house I had ditched the new wondrous Topshop embroidered boots and Whistles velvet LBD for an old classic Karen Millen for fear of turning up in a similar outfit to some way cooler twenty-something, scorched my hair in an attempt to create natural beach waves (it’s naturally pretty poker straight and likes to stay that way) and fallen down the stairs, and no I hadn’t even had a drink at this point.  Somehow I made it on time, having deposited the little lady with her Nana & Grampy for safe-keeping and was ready to rock-around that Christmas tree.

I should probably now point out that this Boss Lady has a bit of a reputation for being incredibly professional and ‘put together’ so any image you have at this point of me insulting one of the company Directors or staggering out of a strip club at 5am are probably way off the mark.  I hate this phrase but definitely ‘been there done that’; I think I peaked way too young in my mid-twenties when I was found in the cellar of a very nice cocktail bar having decided I would have a go at ‘mixing’ and in the process fell down the ‘trap door’..

Anyway my point is no matter what your personal alcohol limit, partying threshold or level of self-respect letting your hair down once in a while is ok even if this is simply 4 glasses of house red and a lift home from Dada Boss Dude at 11pm.  I am proud to be considered professional but know the importance of showing even as Boss Lady I too am human and partial to a comedy prop in the photo booth when the occasion warrants.

At home from day one I have tried to adopt a similar strategy with my little lady; it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in rules and routines and I can honestly say my greatest childhood memories involved Saturday night ‘tea’ on the living room floor and robot outfits made from cardboard boxes so I like to ensure we make time for silliness every now and again.  We love a bath time rave complete with glow sticks, story time in the tepee under the twinkling fairy lights (not quite The Holiday impressive but close enough) and so much so our little lady opened her own dressing up box (great cheap and easy Ikea hack) for years to come of comedy outfits..yes both as Mama and Boss Lady we need to uphold a level of seriousness to gain the respect that I believe comes with success but it’s good to remind yourself and others you’re not perfect and there is always a time and a place to ‘let loose’, it just helps if you pick the right time!

As both Mama and Boss Lady there is no denying there comes a point post Christmas party when you simply need a break.  I recognised in my early days of motherhood I need to surround myself with positivity so I’ll try not to moan on about the daily drop-off/commute, never-ending pile of washing and ironing, revolving door to the office where everyone seems to want something, repeat requests to read the same delightful Peppa Pig book Nana kindly purchased completed with laughing and snorting sound button and simply say.. we are all human, we all have a breaking point and time out is essential for recharging the batteries, a change of routine, scenery and of course having some fun.

I intend to continue relaxing and enjoying my time out, because this is what I’ve been striving for and in 2017 I need to put it into practise..


I call this a ‘rainbow party’ in your turkey pants, Dada Boss Dude calls this you two are nutters…. twinning rainbow lounge wear aptly named ‘Crazy Stripe’ at Gap


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