‘TIME’ for New Year’s Resolutions ..

Not one for fad diets and the last time I did any exercise beyond dancing around to Bieber with the little lady was a life-time ago, so for me Mama ‘resolutions’ are more about setting yourself up for the year, getting in the right frame of mind and basking in that 365 days, 365 opportunities glory.

The same should be said for that first day back in the office it’s all about a fresh new note pad, a whole different set of objectives and hopefully(!) a well rested team ready to be inspired.  It’s all too easy to dwell on the ‘January blues’, and in my opinion better to start as you mean to go on.

So last night I flipped back to the very first page of my 2016 diary and revisited 5 pledges (‘resolutions’) I wrote to myself for the year…

1)Take a photo, write a piece of advice or simply an observation every day as a memory.

2) Find something that I am passionate about that makes money!

3) Get my ‘sexy back’ aka ‘pre Mama mojo’.

4) Take time everyday to cuddle and cherish the little lady.. have just even a moment..

5) Listen to and appreciate my husband (Dada Boss Dude).

Finally.. find out if it’s possible to have it all?

Did I accomplish what I’d planned for 2016?  Well last check of my camera roll was 5,668 photos, and this blog alone has detailed in my opinion at least, many of my best pieces of advice.

I’ve tried lash extensions (great by week 2 but way too much maintenance and not pretty finding what looks like dead spiders on your pillow), chopped about 3 inches off my hair and reached a compromise with a more practical version of my old style; more Adidas Superstars than stilettos, kept hold of the faithful biker jacket and introduced a few Mama classics such as the breton stripe.. on the inside whilst I think its difficult to be the same sexy person pre-baby I’m definitely at peace with the slighter softer and definitely more emotional version of me.

Whilst there have been some dark ‘unable to parent’ days thrown in there I can honestly say that moment before putting my little lady down to sleep each night I always have an extra tight squeeeeeeze (in her words)..and there have been many moments even in the last week where I’ve sat back and watched her in amazement and wondered how that hiccuping bump turned into a loving and damn right hilarious toddler.

Dada Boss Dude would probably say I still don’t listen to him and spend way too much time on Instagram rather than appreciating his words of wisdom (work/tech/general life rants), so if your reading this I’m sorry I will try harder!

I’m still on the look out for my money making scheme but aren’t we all?.. and is it possible to have it all? Who knows I’m still trying to figure that one out too..I know my ideal of having it all has definitely changed in the last year; its definitely less about being the full-time working career super Mama and more about just being in the words of The Unmumsy Mum an ‘average Mum’ and super just every now and again.

So it’s safe to say these 5 pledges and a slightly more realistic expectation of Mama Boss Lady life will carry me into 2017 too, with the 6th addition of TIME.. With the opportunity to work part-time I need to embrace and use wisely those 2 extra Mama days with the little lady.  I am realistic that especially on a part-time wage every day is not going to be an adventure, but even using the time to catch up on ironing to ease my organisational OCD tendencies, finding a new project for me beyond home and work for my own sanity and wellbeing, as well as the odd muddy puddle walk thrown in for good measure too, will be time well spent.

As for ‘Boss days’ time is also going to be key; I’m going to have to adapt to working time efficiently and not overcommitting given the hours I’m being paid to do, and not be afraid to allow myself time to readjust and settle into my new role.

So the clock is ticking as we speak and I need to go finish off the Quality Street and order some new stationary, sorry I mean listen to Dada Boss Dude discuss the benefits of a Fitbit over the Apple Watch..


Adidas Superstars – one of (!) my January sale buys

How I plan to keep check of time and my choice has to be the Apple Watch



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