Finding your happy space…

At the end of last week I packed up my office a sign a new ‘Boss’ has been appointed and I genuinely walked out like they do in the movies with an archive box wedged under my arm, only mine was minus a desk plant (I’ve had many but they rarely survive longer than your average petrol station cut flowers) and instead full of photos of the little lady and more shoes than I would like to admit.  I had so many comments “wow it looks so bare now” and “it was always distinctly yours”; I suspect the shoes, pink & monochrome storage boxes and bowls of sweets were a bit of a giveaway, but this got me thinking about ‘home’ and the environments we spend our time in and we make our ‘happy spaces’.

As Boss Lady I’ve always been of the thinking an office space is important for giving employees a sense of pride in the company they work for and a way of visually stamping your brand; and all this is timely as we are actually in the midst of an office refurbishment at work – although the design ideas I presented at the last managers meeting weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms, I mean how well would a ‘room full of puppies’ go down (not actually my idea I was just the messenger)?!

But on a serious note the way in which we work in today’s tech savvy world is changing things and I think for many businesses we are moving away from a culture where the size or position of your office is perceived as a ‘status symbol’ and instead the modern office is becoming a more open and creative space which forms an extension of the businesses identity, whilst hot desks accommodate and promote flexible working practises.  This is at least how I believe the world of work interiors should be evolving and I read a great article on the Stylist website in the last day or so where a number of businesses are embracing exactly this…‘a happier way of working…’

Again as Boss Lady my experience in practise is that sadly people are often more concerned about having the window seat or who they are sitting next to above anything else when it comes to the office space.  It’s often a ‘keep the peace’ exercise coming up with a new seating plan, and one of those things where you genuinely can’t please everyone and sometimes just have to make a decision and force people to get on with it, but I look forward to seeing first-hand how changing up the physical surroundings with our office refurbishment changes (or doesn’t) peoples attitudes and approaches at work.

I am acutely aware that as I will only be spending 2-days in the office myself I should be encouraging the ‘low-maintenance’ employee attitude, and genuinely having a clean desk and a half decent coffee are probably all I need for a happy space, and for working from home I’m awaiting delivery of my new office chair and have our trusty Nespresso to rely on so I know the coffees always going to be good on Wednesdays.

So onto Mama mode and my happy place at home.. wow where to start I think we already established in Make it happen… that I’m an Ikea fan and into compulsive furniture rearranging so its probably safe to assume I am very passionate about home interiors.

Just like at work I think your home is an extension of you, your personality and your family and it seems the whole world has gone Hygge and Marie Kondo crazy which clearly shows I’m not alone in my love for candles, movie blankets and super organised & categorised chest of drawers (Dada Boss Dude often jokes my dream gift would be a label maker and I still hold out hope one day to be gifted one!)

But specifically on a Mama and parenting note for me making a house a home is so important, its not the size or location of your house but what’s inside that counts.  I’m big on compartmentalising in life and in decorating, and my own home varies from a soft White Company filled ‘master bedroom’ where calm, relaxing zen is very much the intention for a good nights sleep, to a living room which has been a recent design project where I’ve ‘injected a pop of colour’ with ochre (yellow) accessories very much inspired by many nights lost on Pinterest but has become a cosy yet contemporary reflection of our taste.

But beyond the superficial and I’ll admit it – my love of ‘pretty things’, a home for a little lady or any child is a place to feel secure, a space to feel free to play, experience grow and be inspired and this is an ongoing project for me.  Dada Boss Dude often comments one of the best things we did at home was turn our ‘spare room’ which was previously used 2-3 times a year by guests and on every other day as a washing room into a ‘play room’.  For me it’s yet another way of compartmentalising and containing the mass of toys and rainbow colours into one place, but has also allowed us to embrace the fun in designing a space which is constantly evolving as the little lady grows.  For us it is a real ‘den’ for the whole family and a space where so much love has gone into making it (and trips to Homesense & Ikea) and so much fun is had in it.

Yes I love nothing more than a great ‘show cushion’ or a quirky print but most importantly for me home is having a sense of pride in a place you worked hard towards getting, a space you worked so hard creating into yours, and somewhere filled with so many amazing memories, for me home is very much my ‘happy space’ and one I hope that continues to grow and evolve with us..


‘Bloom’ – a great lifestyle read by the fab Estée Lalonde 

Chrome Spot Mug

‘Be Wild and Free’ Candle picked up at the local Sainsbury’s – absolute bargain!

Not sure I’ve actually ever had breakfast in bed on this tray but love all the same…

‘Love begins in our home’ – Yes Mum Cards




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