Confessions of a BAD Mama Boss Lady..

So a few days ago I let the little lady ‘cry it out’ thinking she was being a ‘mini diva’ for not going off for her nap, turns out she had done a massive stinking poo and as she was wearing just a vest at the time had managed to put her hands in it all, was decidedly unimpressed and a little distressed by this all hence the crying and lack of napping.. I confess guilty as charged I am a BAD Mama Boss Lady.

The irony is my Saturday night was spent drinking white wine spritzers and stuffing my face with Dominos (bad Mama and classy lady) whilst watching Mila Kunis in ‘Bad Moms’, so while I’m on the subject of bad Mama confessions.. in the 18 months my little lady has been on this planet she has both fallen out her highchair and down the stairs (she was completely unharmed on both occasions, me not so much), is regularly fed by Ella’s not Mama’s kitchen and could probably count Peppa Pig as a family member.

There are probably a million other things I have ‘done wrong’ since becoming a Mama but most importantly I try my best.  I put my little lady’s needs first, am trying to expose her to different learning and social experiences, in the words of Dada Boss Dude “would buy her the moon on a stick if I knew she would appreciate it”, and tell her every day I love her.

Just as in the film ‘Bad Moms’ it’s all too easy to look at one another and compare, I know especially in the early days I did this all the time but have come to appreciate we are all different and what works for some doesn’t work for others. For me my happiness and enjoyment as a Mama has come from doing it my way, taking inspiration from others of course too, but also not being afraid to make mistakes or admit to them.

At work one of my biggest pet hates is people ‘throwing others under the bus’.. I stand by none of us are perfect and we should channel our energy into our own successes and being recognised based on our own good merits, not at the expense of shining a light on others bad traits or actions.

I know I can and have been a Bad Boss at times; I’m always late for meetings, am always over-running and rescheduling, unless people stand hovering over me prompting me to answer an email they may be waiting days for a response.  There are never enough hours in the day to give people the attention and time they either need or simply want, but I always make a point of saying well done and thank you when it’s deserved, and I have put my hands up many times when I’ve made a mistake or a bad decision.  Much like being a Bad Mama it’s ok to be a Bad Boss too, given you recognise it and at least try to do something about it.

It’s advice I’ve given out many times to ‘bad employees’, admit your error, figure out how you can fix it and if you don’t know how ask.

So be a good Mama Boss when you can, a bad Mama Boss when you can’t, but be the Mama Boss you want to be, not better or worse than anyone else just be your version of a Mama Boss for you, and your little & big ladies and gents.  On those bad Mama Boss days own it, admit it, confess your sins and don’t hide behind anyone else, we all make mistakes and you are very much not alone.  As a massive perfectionist this is probably one of the hardest things I have had to accept both as a Mama and a Boss and as much as I love and actually need to keep things positive I too have off days.

For me social media since becoming a Mama has really opened my eyes to a new world and community where others like me are sharing their good and bad experiences and it was having been massively inspired by Dress Like a Mum, The Unmumsy Mum, Mother of Daughters and BrummyMummyof2 to name just a few, that I started writing this blog, posting on instagram and exploring this new cyber world.

Within this cyber world so much is said about ‘keeping it real’ and the difference between reality and ‘insta life’; for me I like to share pretty things, happy moments and yes I guess the shiny version of me and my GOOD Mama Boss Lady life but I hope in this blog especially, who I truly am comes across too.  In reality I am passionate about fashion and interiors, beautiful products, images and visuals but am also passionate about the challenges faced between juggling Mama and Boss life, finding balance and positive ways of handling the ‘bad stuff’ too.  If I manage to inspire one person to either go buy a nice candle or handle a difficult situation in the office then hey I’m happy, and it’s this opportunity to inspire complete strangers who may live million miles away that fascinates me, you no longer have to share a coffee with someone in order to truly connect and this for me is another Mama Boss Lady project waiting to be explored further…


My Monday probably not really insta-worthy reality but If you look beneath the ‘BAD Mama chaos’ you’ll spot the little lady’s clothes actually ironed and ready to be put away.. the bunting and some prints I actually made her (maternity leave projects) and for those looking for a good buy..the toy cake stand has provided hours of entertainment and goes well with this tea trolly..


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