Never stop learning…

Because life never stops teaching.. this I tried to explain in an interview last week for ‘my new team’ in answer to a question around what is the most challenging thing about the role.  Appreciating I can’t teach you everything you need to know in 2 weeks, having the patience to absorb something every day even if it’s just something small, and all with the knowledge that at some point you’ll look back and think wow actually I’ve learnt quite a lot! This was my answer and what I’ve told pretty much everyone I’ve employed over the last few years, and something that applies to Mama Lady life too.

As Boss Lady I continue to learn new things every day, partly the nature of the industry I work in but also because 1) I am so damn nosy and eager to know stuff and 2) I actually love that satisfaction that comes with having learnt something new.  In the work sense many could say knowledge gained through learning is power but I think it’s more than that; learning is about appreciating that business doesn’t stand still, both people and the environment around us evolves, so in fact it’s about keeping up with the times and being able to adapt to whatever lands on your desk that day.

This piece about looking back retrospectively and realising what you have learnt is also important at work; sometimes you may have not yet reached the end goal, target or objective but reviewing how far you have come can be the motivating factor to continue and push on.

So looking back in Mama Lady mode what did I learn in January;

  1. Never wear ‘coated jeans’ to soft-play you will basically stick like velcro to every slide and will be considerably slowed down.
  2. When you manage to get the little lady down to nap in her cot; go, go, go this is your time so use it wisely especially if it’s taken you 18 months to get to this point and not have to rely on the buggy/car!
  3. Don’t bother ironing vests and pj’s, sorry Mum if you’re reading this but life is too short and the ironing pile already too high so instead adopt a technique I like to call ‘tumble, stretch and fold’.
  4. Duplo is great fun when you’re building towers not so fun when you stand on a disregarded piece, god help me when we progress to grown up lego…
  5. Always trust your Mama instincts; on Thursday I had a call from my Mum (aka Mary Poppins/Nana) whilst at work and as soon as I heard the sound of my little lady in the background crying/barking like LuLu the family dog I knew something wasn’t right and headed straight home.  After waiting 3 hours for the Dr to call me back, and her then having progressed to visibly shaking and turning a not so pleasant shade of grey I bundled her back in the car and presented us at the GP’s reception desk.  Turns out she had croup so I was right to be worried.  After having a shameful little cry at being told I needed to be prepared to call an ambulance in the night if she continued to deteriorate, we finally made it back home to cuddles on the sofa and Bear Hunt, and then after a wild goose chase across all the local pharmacies Dada Boss Dude came to the rescue with the steroids which thankfully turned things back around.

So obviously we’ve not reached our ‘parenting end goal’ having not quite yet nurtured the little lady ready to release her into the big wide world (and lets be honest not sure I’ll ever be ready for that) but it is good to look back on what has been learnt so far and I have definitely learnt to be more confident in trusting my instincts and Mama decisions already this year, which motivates me all the more to be the best Mama I can be.

Beyond learning how to use formula to analyse a specific set of data, beyond how to cope with a toddler tantrum personally I also like to learn for me.  As you may have come to realise I’m a little obsessed with beautiful things and images so having a ‘proper camera’ and actually learning how to use it is something I’m working on at the moment but beyond that I also embarked this week on a whole new learning journey and something I am really excited about…

Along the theme of ‘work that works’ finding balance between Mama & Boss Lady life and ‘never stop learning’ I have started the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course.

On application to the course my view was this….I have discovered a new found appreciation for the power of social media having experienced first hand its benefits; providing a support network, wealth of real time, real life information and access to a world where connecting with someone virtually can be just as effective as face to face.  It’s this unique power that I feel underpins Social Media Management and genuinely inspires me. (Something I first touched on in ‘Confessions of a BAD Mama Boss Lady‘) Week one in and I’ve already connected with 6 complete strangers via the video power of Google+ Hangout and learnt that YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google… so I have a sneaking suspicion my view will be reaffirmed over the next 6 months and that I have a lot more to learn!

But my true motivations for doing this course are; future proofing my skills set, finding a creative outlet, taking the opportunity to network with like-minded Mama’s and just because I’ve taken the step to work part-time I still want to show my little lady that you can balance it all, you just have to not be afraid to take a leap of faith and be bold every now and again, and of course you have to never stop learning..


Reading is just one other way I like to learn and this week it’s all about @Mother_of_Daughters new book.

My ‘proper camera’ – Olympus Pen so far love everything about it…



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