When life feels a little thankless focus on the small things..

Mama life officially never ceases to amaze me and what feels like a non-stop roller coaster literally never ever stops..

Over the last month alone we’ve had a period of no less than 10 days where every night bedtime became an actual war in our house; a battle between lying on the floor holding the little ladies hand until she fell asleep an hour or so later, to ‘controlled crying’ attempts and realising she is no longer a baby and definitely knows how to play us; and as a consequence up to 2 hour long battle of the wills – who would break first an 18 month old seriously determined mini diva or her beyond exhausted and slightly broken parents?

We have had to rearrange her bedroom to move the cot away from the light switch and take down shelves for her own safety and our sanity.  We’ve experienced what I’m told (thanks, no really) is just the beginning of full blown tantrums the kind which involve body thrusting on the floor and arms flailing. Forget a swear jar I need a ‘no jar’ if I want to retire any time soon, and shoes seem to be the current theme when it comes to ‘wobbly’s’; only wanting to wear the cupcake vans (best trainers ever but don’t necessarily go with everything or suitable for every activity), wanting to run out of shops in new boots before even paid for etc..

So in summary mama life is definitely ‘challenging’ at the moment, I can honestly say I have developed patience levels I never knew existed and have on several occasions recently questioned my ability as a Mama. Thank god for Dada Boss Dude and his ability to switch into work mode and not only regain some control on these situations, but also give me the motivational speech I need to hear every so often.

This feeling of hitting your head against a brick wall, completely thankless at times and damn right frustrating period is only too familiar and something also as Boss Lady was, and continues to be experienced.

With the office refurb in full swing we’ve had a bit of a ‘sort out’ and this week came across a file of CV’s and interview notes which brought back memories of a LOT of hours wasted interviewing oh so many people in order to find the right person.  Many horror stories were relived such as the guy who turned up twenty minutes late and when I asked him why he was late he just shrugged and couldn’t come up with an explanation (safe to say that was the shortest interview in my career history) and don’t get me started on the guy with the flicked up collar, yes he was also wearing a tie and ‘swaggering’ if that’s what you can call it..

It’s not even the process of recruiting people itself, I actually enjoy meeting new people and putting them through their paces but the fact that like the Mama rollercoaster it simply never stops.  Despite all best laid attempts to engage people, train, develop and say thank you to them, they take this all from you and then leave. Leaving you with a seat to fill and the girl who actually described herself as a ‘crazy cat lady’ to interview.  It is definitely thankless at times but 1) it’s the job and comes with a pay cheque at the end of the month and 2) there are some ‘small things’ that actually make it worthwhile after all..

The people that don’t leave and go on to bigger and better things ‘internally’ and the people that actually say thank you in return.

Sadly Mama life doesn’t come with a pay cheque but it does come with plenty of ‘small things’ that make those ‘not able to parent days’ a bit more bearable and even some almost magical small things that have the ability to turn you into a gushing, Mama spamming, slightly embarrassing but happy mess.

Yes the little lady can be incredibly impatient, scarily stubborn, and prone to ‘phases’ which seriously test you but on the whole she is also utterly loving and a truly happy little lady.

I watched her recently playing with her rag doll and she so carefully and gently brushed the dolls hair out of her face while continuing to ‘pretend feed’ her some tea.  She often turns to you with a ‘hi’ and super tight squuuueeeeze (hug) and this affection and emotional intelligence amazes me on a daily basis.

She said for the first time at ‘drop off’ this week “love you” and I think my heart imploded, maybe I’m doing ok at the Mama thing after all.

Yes she she can take a good hour to wake up properly (but let’s be honest so do I) but has the cutest tiny mole on her right foot she’s had since birth which gushing Mama me likes to think of as a beauty spot (I know it’s on her foot not her face but just go with me), and likes to try and take your coat off once you’ve helped her with hers.

She will only have a specific type of blanket from The White Company, a receiving blanket with a satin trim; this is essential for naps, car journeys and bedtime and this must be accompanied with a dummy, Princess Anna and Minnie Mouse so makes for some serious baggage.  But she also has a deep love for cheese and Granny Smith apples and, odd as these were two of my big pregnancy faves, and with one smile or hi-five can turn a whole day into one to remember.

Mama Boss Lady life is about not sweating the thankless tasks and instead treasuring the small stuff.  I’ve touched on ‘positivity’ in other blog posts and this is one of the reasons why it’s so important to me, don’t dwell on the leavers or tantrums and chose to be a gushing, Mama spamming, slightly embarrassing but happy mess instead.

On a final note or two.. one little lady is currently still awake post an amazing Funday Sunday at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Dada Boss Dude is patiently yet firmly trying to get her to sleep (love him) and two..a progress update on my Digital Mums course definitely another of Mama Boss Lady life’s rollercoasters, but am really excited to be channeling my own passion for ‘real Mama positivity’ so watch this space..


Even the small ‘things’ in life deserve treasuring…

Selection of hair clips from H&M, Accessorise and Rockahula Kids

Magnetic Letters/Words from ELC

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster aka. extra hours sleep you didn’t get..

The famous Princess Anna (slightly smaller version than we have to lug around!)

Mini polaroid photo – these are magnetic and so cute on the fridge!



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